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    Ensure fast and efficient recruitment of the right person
    • Head hunting for specialized or rare profile to save you some valuable time
    • Benefit from professional and experienced head hunting skills
    • Access to HR TOP extended database and professional network
    • Obtaining specific HR assistance and an additional guarantee
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    Analyze potential candidates
    • Identify personal skills
    • Highlight their potential for evolution
    • Validate the selection of your internal and external candidates
    • Restore a personality analysis
    • Assess the compatibility of skills and potentialities with the future function
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    Enhance your employees' expertise Help them maintain their motivation level high
    • Increase your staff effectiveness and efficiency
    • Optimize their performance by assisting them in reaching their goals
    • Develop teamwork and team spirit
    • Solve difficult or conflicting situations by offering personalized support
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    Provide your staff with tailor made or standard training modules. Develop their competencies
    • Carry out a training need analysis
    • Evaluate your staff competency level
    • Design a training and skill development plan
    • Create adequate training modules to answer your specific needs
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    Skills assessment and outplacement
    Offer your staff an active support
    • Accompany your staff in their career development path
    • Perform skill assessments
    • Benefit from valuable advice and experience during dismissal process
    • Provide your staff made redundant with outplacement services
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    HR consulting
    Endorse your strategic decisions
    • Master the implications of an internationalized enterprise on the HR function
    • Provide a strategy and processes to meet your HR and financial needs
    • Manage intercultural issues with ease
    • Offer customized relocation services